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Ferrari Bright Neroli by Ferrari for Men EDT 3.3 oz


Bright Neroli by Ferrari embodies a Citrus Aromatic fragrance crafted specifically for the male sensibility. This good scent made its initial appearance in 2015, skillfully formulated under the expertise of perfumer Philippe Paparella-Paris.

The top notes present a vibrant blend of Bitter Orange, Citron, and Lemon. These citrus elements harmonize to form a zesty and invigorating opening that sets the tone for the fragrance.

The heart notes of Bright Neroli consist of Neroli, Orange Blossom, Rosemary, and Sichuan Pepper. This combination adds layers of complexity, with the floral notes complementing the citrus, and the touch of pepper contributing a hint of spice.

The base notes gracefully anchor the fragrance, featuring Vetiver, Amber, and Patchouli. These elements create a warm and earthy foundation that balances the brightness of the opening notes.

Bright Neroli by Ferrari encapsulates the essence of modern masculinity through a dynamic blend of citrus and aromatic notes. A perfect choice for perfumista’s seeking a well-rounded and pleasures perfume for men.  This fragrance is designed for those who appreciate a blend of freshness and sophistication that can be worn with confidence and style.


Ferrari Bright Neroli, a 3.3 oz Eau de Toilette for men, offers a refreshing experience. It starts with a lively burst of citrus, blending with delicate white floral notes. The heart reveals aromatic and fresh spicy elements, creating a vibrant scent. Perfect for the man who appreciates a clean, invigorating fragrance.

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