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Halston Amber for Woman Eau de Toilette Spray 1.7 oz


Halston’s Woman Amber presents itself as an Amber fragrance tailored for women. This scent made its debut in 2010, introducing a captivating aromatic experience.

Opening with a vibrant blend of top notes, the fragrance features Aldehydes, Red Currant, and Mandarin Orange. This combination results in a lively and invigorating initial impression, setting the stage for the journey ahead.

As the scent evolves, middle notes come into play, highlighted by Amber, Tuberose, and Rose. These ingredients form a harmonious blend that adds depth and complexity, infusing the fragrance with a floral and warm character.

The fragrance’s foundation is grounded in base notes, including Olibanum, Sandalwood, Musk, and Suede. This combination creates a lasting and enveloping base that contributes to the fragrance’s allure.

Halston’s Woman Amber is a testament to the brand’s commitment to crafting unique and captivating scents. This fragrance captures a blend of sophistication and warmth, making it a versatile and alluring choice for women seeking a distinctive olfactory experience.


Experience the elegance of Halston Amber, a 1.7 oz Eau de Toilette Spray for women. This fragrance harmonizes amber’s warmth with powdery, woody, and musky notes. Tuberose adds a touch of sophistication, while warm spices and fruity accents enliven the senses. Fresh, aldehydic, and animalic undertones create a uniquely captivating aroma.

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