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Drakkar Essence for Men by Guy Laroche Eau De Toiltte 3.4 oz


Drakkar Essence for Men by Guy Laroche was introduced in 2014. It is an aromatic fougere fragrance, like the original Drakkar Noir, but it is less spicy.

Drakkar Essence comes in the same bottle as the previous editions, but it is blue with a black stopper. The top notes are grapefruit and icy mint, which create a refreshing and stimulating aroma. The heart notes are rich woods, lavender, and sage. The base notes are musk and balmy-tobacco tonka.

The perfumer, Michel Girard of Givaudan, says that Drakkar Essence is about “strengthening the person carrying the fragrance but also about self-confidence when wearing the fragrance for its own sake.” He also says that there is something “intimate” about Drakkar Essence.

The creative director of the perfume collection for Guy Laroche, David Suffit, wanted the new fragrance to be a contemporary interpretation of fougere. He wanted it to have a “gigantic wave of freshness” in the top notes, with grapefruit and peppermint. He also wanted the dry and pure woody notes in the heart to be rich and intense, and the base to have a good dose of white musk.


Discover the dynamic scent of Guy Laroche Drakkar Essence, a 3.4 oz Eau De Toilette for men. This fragrance combines aromatic and fresh spicy notes with a green twist. Lavender and citrus add a refreshing edge, while musky, herbal, and woody notes create a deeply masculine finish. Ideal for the modern man.

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