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When Your Scent Vanishes: What to do if your Perfume is Discontinued?

When your cherished fragrance is discontinued, it feels like saying goodbye to an old friend. In this guide, we’ll lead you through the emotional and practical steps, introducing reputable online marketplaces like FOMO Fragrances and eBay as your go-to destinations for discovering and acquiring discontinued scents that will rekindle your olfactory passion.

Emotional Resilience:

Express Your Sentiment:
Embrace the loss and share your cherished memories. Acknowledging the emotional connection is the first step in healing.

Explore Similar Scents:
Dive into the fragrance family of your discontinued scent, whether it’s on FOMO Fragrances, eBay, or other online marketplaces. Discover new favorites with similar notes and characteristics.

Practical Solutions:

Search Online Retailers:
Explore reputable online marketplaces like FOMO Fragrances and eBay, where discontinued fragrances often find a second life through dedicated sellers and enthusiasts.

Visit Specialized Perfume Shops:
Boutique perfume stores and vintage fragrance shops, including those on FOMO Fragrances and eBay, might carry discontinued gems. Keep an eye out for listings matching what you’re searching for.

Consider Custom Fragrance Blending:
Explore options for custom fragrance blending. Recreate the essence of your discontinued fragrance or create a unique blend inspired by its notes.

Connect with the Community:

Join Fragrance Communities:
Engage with fellow fragrance enthusiasts on forums, social media groups. They might offer recommendations or share news about potential re-releases.

Attend Perfume Swaps or Events:
Participate in events and swapping gatherings on platforms like FOMO Fragrances and eBay. These provide opportunities to exchange fragrances, increasing your chances of finding the discontinued treasure you seek.


Bid farewell to the discontinued fragrance blues and embark on a new olfactory adventure with online marketplaces. Explore the possibilities, discover alternatives, and let fragrance communities be your trusted guide in navigating the intricate world of scents.

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