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Top Chloe Discontinued Perfumes

Chloé, a brand synonymous with grace and sophistication, has left an indelible mark on the world of perfumery. While some of its fragrances are no longer in production, the memories they evoke linger like a beautiful melody. Let’s explore four of Chloé’s best discontinued fragrances for women: Nomade, Love Chloé, Roses de Chloé, and Chloé Eau de Fleurs Neroli.

1. Chloé Nomade: A Journey of Freedom Notes: Oakmoss, Mirabelle Plum, Freesia, and Oak Wood

Chloé Nomade is an olfactory ode to the free-spirited woman who finds her home in the world. The fragrance opens with the fruity embrace of Mirabelle plum, setting the stage for a journey of liberation. As it unfolds, the floral notes of freesia add a touch of femininity, while the earthy and woody nuances of oakmoss and oak wood provide depth and grounding. Nomade is a scent that resonates with wanderlust and the spirit of exploration.

2. Love Chloé: A Timeless Romance Notes: Orange Blossom, Pink Pepper, Iris, and Powdery Musk

Love Chloé is a fragrance that captures the essence of timeless romance. The delicate dance of orange blossom and pink pepper creates an alluring and spicy opening, drawing you into an elegant floral heart dominated by the grace of iris. The powdery musk in the base notes adds a soft, comforting finish, reminiscent of a tender embrace. Love Chloé is a fragrance that whispers of love stories and embraces the classic beauty of femininity.

3. Roses de Chloé: A Floral Symphony Notes: Damask Rose, Bergamot, Magnolia, and White Musk

Roses de Chloé is a celebration of femininity through the enchanting aroma of roses. The fragrance opens with the freshness of bergamot and gradually unfolds into a heart of Damask roses and magnolia. The trail of white musk adds a touch of modernity and sophistication. It’s a floral symphony that encapsulates the timeless allure of roses.

4. Chloé Eau de Fleurs Neroli: A Citrus Bloom Notes: Neroli, Bergamot, Amalfi Lemon, and Musk

Chloé Eau de Fleurs Neroli is a refreshing and uplifting fragrance that captures the essence of blooming citrus groves. The bright and sparkling notes of neroli and Amalfi lemon create a sunlit opening, while bergamot adds a zesty twist. The subtle musk in the base notes provides a gentle and lingering finish. It’s a citrus bloom in a bottle.

Rediscovering These Gems: While these fragrances are discontinued, the magic of Chloé’s creations lives on. Exploring specialty fragrance platforms like FOMO Fragrances can be a delightful journey for fragrance enthusiasts seeking these timeless gems. FOMO Fragrances celebrates the allure of rare and discontinued scents, providing a curated space for fragrance lovers to rediscover and cherish the classics.

Conclusion: Chloé’s discontinued fragrances, including Nomade, Love Chloé, Roses de Chloé, and Chloé Eau de Fleurs Neroli, are not just scents; they are narratives, encapsulating moments and emotions. As we explore the world of fragrance, let’s not forget to celebrate these classics that continue to inspire and resonate with those who appreciate the artistry of scent.



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