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Finding Discontinued Fragrances: Your Roadmap

When it comes to snagging discontinued fragrances, it’s like searching for buried treasure. These scents may no longer be front and center at your local perfume shop, but they’re still out there waiting to be found. In this practical guide, we’ll show you where to look for discontinued fragrances, including, without all the fancy frills.

1. Online Marketplaces:

The internet’s your best buddy for discontinued fragrances. Go on websites like eBay, Etsy, or FragranceNet. They have sections where you can find rare and vintage fragrances. People from all over are selling their stash, so you might just get lucky.

2. Niche Perfume Shops:

Smaller perfume stores are where you’ll find hidden gems. They love the unusual stuff. Pay them a visit or drop a message to ask about discontinued fragrances. You might be surprised at what they have in stock.

3. Discount Fragrance Shops:

Some budget perfume stores keep discontinued fragrances on their shelves at knockdown prices. Their collection might not be massive, but you could still chance upon something rare. Look out for clearance sales.

4. Online Fragrance Communities:

Online fragrance forums and Facebook groups are full of enthusiasts with the inside scoop. They share tips, trade, or sell their collections. Join these groups and you might find someone willing to part with their discontinued gems.

5. Estate Sales and Auctions:

Estate sales and auctions are unexpected sources for discontinued scents. Keep an eye out for local listings and online auctions. Sometimes, you’ll stumble upon someone’s hidden perfume stash.

6. Specialty Websites like is a niche website that’s all about discontinued fragrances. It’s a go-to place for unique, hard-to-find scents. A website like FOMO Fragrances specializes in connecting you with your favorite discontinued fragrances.


Tracking down discontinued fragrances doesn’t have to be fancy or complicated. It’s about being inquisitive and having a nose for a good deal. Whether you’re a newbie or a fragrance pro, the world of discontinued fragrances is a treasure hunt worth embarking on. Happy scent-seeking

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