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Poison for Women by Dior Eau de Toilette 1 oz


Poison for Women by Dior is an iconic Amber Floral fragrance for women, setting a precedent in the world of perfumery since its launch in 1985. This legendary scent, created by the talented perfumers Edouard Flechier and Maurice Roger, is a captivating blend of enchanting notes that continue to mesmerize the senses to this day.

At its inception, Poison for women unveils a seductive combination of plum, wild berries, coriander, anise, and Brazilian rosewood, setting the stage for the mysterious journey that follows. In its heart, an opulent bouquet of tuberose, incense, white honey, cinnamon, opoponax, carnation, jasmine, African orange flower, and rose unfolds, creating an intricate and alluring olfactory tapestry.

As the fragrance lingers, it gracefully transitions to a base imbued with the warmth of vanille, amber, sandalwood, musk, heliotrope, vetiver, and Virginia cedar, leaving a lasting impression of sophistication and depth.

Poison’s intoxicating and enigmatic aroma earned it a FiFi award in 1987, solidifying its status as a timeless classic. Over the years, Dior has continued to celebrate this iconic scent, as demonstrated by the release of the Poison Amulets in 2006, ensuring its allure endures for generations to come.


Enter the captivating world of Dior Poison, a 1 oz Eau de Toilette for women. This intoxicating fragrance blends rich patchouli with bright citrus and elegant rose. Woody, amber, and warm spicy notes create depth, while earthy and vanilla elements add a luxurious touch. Balsamic and floral hints make it a mesmerizing and timeless scent.

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