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Marry Me for Women by Lanvin Eau De Parfum 2.5 oz


Marry Me for Women by Lanvin, A fragrance that captures the essence of dating and love, invoking feelings of romance and sensuality—an elixir for a positive mood! This perfume is designed for those who revel in infatuation, love, unity, and fulfillment. It’s an intuitive and boldly straightforward fragrance that fearlessly declares, “Marry me!”

Lanvin’s Marry Me was crafted in 2010 with the intention of symbolizing the strong connection each woman shares with her chosen scent. Building the right chemistry for a perfect date requires an abundance of love and emotions, akin to the relationship between a woman and her fragrance, which becomes a second skin, following her like a shadow and revealing much about her emotional state.

Marry Me unveils a floral composition as optimistic as a cheerful smile, blending good humor and femininity with delightful, gentle dreams of love—reminiscent of the warm embrace of a beloved person. Perfumer Antoine Maisondieu has artfully woven the dreams of love into a fragrant tapestry, accentuating the composition with a romantic wreath of flowers.

The fragrance opens with a luminous, invigorating blend of bitter Tunisian orange and the sensual essences of Sambac jasmine. This unexpected combination is enveloped in the sweet zest of peach and the sophisticated aroma of jasmine tea. The sensual heart reveals jasmine accented with magnolia blossom and the romantic, nonchalant allure of rose petals. The union of white flowers and fruity zest melds into the juicy warmth of potent hot amber and a musky trail.


Lanvin Marry Me intertwines floral and citrus notes in a romantic dance, blossoming with white floral and fruity touches. A heart of rose adds classic elegance, while fresh, powdery whispers evoke a timeless charm. This perfume, with its musky undertone, is an ode to love, perfect for moments filled with joy and hope.

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